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Buy youtube likes:

buy youtube likes


Likes on YouTube is an important indicator of popularity video, along with the number of views and comments.

Moreover, each indicator is important in its own way.

If you are promoting videos on YouTube, then it’s most effective to use all the tools in combination.

You will probably agree that a video with a large number of views and a very small number of likes will look rather strange.

Therefore, we offer youtube promotion services  both together and separately.


Youtube likes - price line:

100 youtube likes - $2

200 youtube likes - $4

300 youtube likes - $6

400 youtube likes - $8

500 youtube likes - $10


Service description:

Real youtube likes delivered on a natural pattern.

Speed: up to 20 000 likes per day.

Minimum for order: 20 youtube likes.

Maximum for order: 500 000 youtube likes.



1) How much youtube likes i can order?

We can provide up to 1 million YT likes.


2) I want to test the service, what is the minimum quantity I can order?

You can start with just 20 youtube likes.


3) Are the service safe for my video and channel in general?

Youtube likes is a completely safe service, and based on a completely organic method of work.