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Buy youtube comment likes

If you need to get youtube comment likes - pay attention to our service.

This service is the most effective way to get the right number of likes for a comment on YouTube.

This way you can raise your comment to the top and make it more visible.


How to place an order:

1. Go to service page:    buy youtube comment likes

2. Select quantity of youtube comment likes.

3. Enter YT comment link.

4. Add order to bag and go to checkout.


How to get a link to a concrete comment?

1. Hover your mouse over the time of publication that appears next to the


2. Click - copy the link.

3. Use this link when placing an order.


Price line:

10 YT comment likes - $1.00

50 YT comment likes - $1.50

100 YT comment likes - $2.00



Start time: up to 1 hour.

Speed: up to 50K per day.

Minimum quantity: 10 comment upvotes.

Maximum quantity: 100 000 comment upvotes.



1) What is youtube comment upvotes?

This is the likes for comments on YouTube.



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