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Buy targeted youtube views:

buy geo targeted youtube views



1. What is a Country targeted youtube views?

2. How to buy targeted youtube views.

3. Targeted Youtube views - price line.

4. Description of the service.

5. FAQ.


1. What is a targeted youtube views?

In this case, we are talking about country / geo targeted youtube views.

This service is needed if you want to promote a video in a specific country, such as the USA or Italy.

It will be more effective than using regular, worldwide views.


2. How to buy targeted youtube views.

1) Go to a service page:    buy geo targeted youtube views

2) Select number of youtube views.

3) Select country.

4) Select number of likes.

5) Select number of dislikes.

6) Select number of shares.

7) Enter YT video link.

8) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


3. Targeted Youtube views - price line.

1000 targeted youtube views - $4

5000 targeted youtube views - $20

10 000 targeted youtube views - $40

50 000 targeted youtube views - $200

100 000 targeted youtube views - $400


4. Description of the service:

Minimum quantity: 1000 youtube views.

Maximum quantity: 1000 000 youtube views.

Refill: non drop views.

Speed: up to 200k views per day.


5. FAQ

1. What is the retention time for geo YT views service?

Retention time can be different, it depend from the type of service, in general it can be 2-5 minutes.


GEO targeted views available for order:

USA youtube views

INDIA youtube views

ITALY youtube views

GERMANY youtube views

POLAND youtube views

FRANCE youtube views

UK youtube views 

EGYPT youtube views

HUNGARY youtube views 

BRAZIL youtube views 

SAUDI ARABIA youtube views 

ISRAEL youtube views 

AUSTRALIA youtube views 

TURKEY youtube views 

NETHERLANDS youtube views 

CZECH REPUBLIC youtube views 

SOUTH KOREA youtube views

PAKISTAN youtube views 

SPAIN youtube views 

MEXICO youtube views 

JAPAN youtube views 

ROMANIA youtube views 

SWEDEN youtube views 

GREECE youtube views 

TAIWAN youtube views 

HONGKONG youtube views 

CANADA youtube views