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Buy custom youtube comments:

buy custom youtube comments



1. What is a custom youtube comments.

2. How to buy custom youtube comments.

3. Price line.

4. Description of the service.

5. FAQ.


1. What is a custom youtube comments.

Comment service on YouTube can be divided into 2 types: random and custom youtube comments.

Random is simply positive or neutral comments.

And the Custom Comments service allows you to get exactly the comments that you need.

That is, you can enter the text of each comment and order them.


2. How to buy custom youtube comments.

1) Go to a service page:    buy custom youtube comments 

2) Select number of comments.

3) Enter your commments.

4) Select country.

5) Enter youtube video link.

6) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


3. Price line.

10  comments - $5

15  comments - $7.5

20  comments - $10


4. Description of the service.

Minimum Quantity: 10 comments.

Maximum Quantity: 100 comments.


5. FAQ.

1) Can I order comments from a specific country?

Yes, we can provide:

USA custom youtube comments

UK custom youtube comments

ITALY custom youtube comments

FRANCE custom youtube comments

GERMANY custom youtube comments

SPAIN custom youtube comments

BRAZIL custom youtube comments

INDIA custom youtube comments

JAPAN custom youtube comments


2) Is it possible to buy youtube comments with $5 ?

Of course, for $ 5 you can order 10 comments.