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Buy instagram verification:

buy instagram verification badge


Note: To clarify the details, please contact us before placing an order.

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1. What is a blue badge in instagram?

2. How to get a blue check on instagram.

3. How to buy instagram verification / blue mark.


1) What is a blue badge in instagram?

This is an official sign on Instagram, which can get popular media person.

Famous people and companies need a blue , since their accounts are often copied, this is a kind of protection

against fake accounts.

This symbol is assigned after the verification procedure, and we, in turn, help to get this blue badge.


2) How to get a blue check on instagram.

Since August 2018, Instagram has provided the opportunity for anyone user to send a request for account verification.

But in fact, the chance to get this mark is not great, especially if you do not know how to properly prepare your account.

There are many criteria by which instagram evaluates a profile, and these criteria are quite strict.


3) How to buy instagram verification / blue mark.

The process can be divided into two stages:

1. Evaluation of your IG account;

2. Request for verification of your profile.




1) How long does this process take?

It takes about 1-2 weeks.


2) Can I get a blue badge if I am not a famous person.

If you are a beginner blogger with a small number of subscribers and also dont have articles in any media,

then getting a badge in instagram will be quite difficult.

It is unlikely that Instagram will approve your request for verification.


3) Pay for instagram verification.

If you doubt your abilities and want to get help in getting a mark - сontact us, we will give you a free consultation.

If your chances are rated as high, then you can pay and order instagram verification service in our store.


4) How to get verified on instagram for free.

If you want to get verification on instagram for free, try to submit an application yourself in the settings

of your Instagram profile.