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Buy telegram post views:

telegram views for 1 post


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1. Telegram post views service - how it work?

2. How to buy telegram post views.

3. Price line.

4. Types of the service:

5. FAQ.


1. Telegram post views service - how it work?

The service we provide allows you to increase views of posts in the telegram channel.

What does it give:

- Quickly promote your channel.

- Monetize a channel / earn on advertising in the telegram channel.

- Make the telegram channel more presentable.

To achieve this result without serious investment, you can buy views on telegram channel on our website.


We are professionals in promoting telegram channels, our service guarantees:

- Reasonable prices.

- Fast order processing.

- 24/7 support.

- Discount program.


2. How to buy telegram post views.

1) Go to page: telegram views for 1 post

2) Select quantity of telegram post views.

3) Enter telegram post link.

4) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.


3. Price line.

1000 telegram post views - $2

5000 telegram post views - $10

10 000 telegram post views - $20


4. Types of the service:

1. Telegram views for 1 post.

Everything is simple here, if you need to increase views on a separate post - then this service is for you.

This service will allow you to increase views on one publication in the telegram channel.

At your choice, we provide a wide range of packages with views - from 100 to 500 000 post views.

Prices start from $0.50 / 100 views.


2. Telegram post views.

Here you can choose between packages - views on 5 posts, 10 posts and 20 posts.

The available number of views is the same for any package - from 100 to 500 000 views.


3. Telegram auto post views.

This service is intended for future publications / posts.

You can choose the most suitable promotion package for you:

- 7 days auto post views;

- 14 days auto post views;

- 30 days auto post views.


Available quantity: from 100 to 500 000 views per post.


5. FAQ.