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Buy telegram group members:

telegram group members


Telegram is a project of Pavel Durov which has interesting functionality.

In telegram, you can create both your own channels and groups, which we will talk about today.

Suppose you have already created a group or are just planning to create it.

In this case, it will be advisable to order members for your group.

Thus, you will increase confidence in your group and also increase its status.


Telegram group members - price line

 100 telegram group members - $1

 500 telegram group members - $5

 1000 telegram group members - $10



1) Is this service safe for my group?

The service is completely safe, since we use natural patterns and only approved methods.


2) How much telegram group members i can buy?

Minimum quantity: 100 telegram group members.

Maximum quantity: 50000 telegram group members.


3) How fast it work?

Service start within 1-12 hours, speed can be up to 5000 group members per day.