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Buy telegram members:

buy telegram channel members


Why you should buy telegram subscribers?

Telegram already has a huge audience of users from around the world, that is why the promotion of channels in telegram

is a promising direction that opens up new possibilities.

Buying telegram subscribers gives you the opportunity to speed up the promotion process, and make your channel more

presentable. Using our service you can easily make your channel more popular and achieve success in a short time.


What do we offer?

1. Fully automated service - after placing an order you only have to watch the growth in the number of members.

2. Reasonable prices and big discounts.

3. Quick start of your order.

4. Technical support 24/7.


How to place an order?

1. Go to page: buy telegram channel members

2. Select number of telegram members.

3. Leave a link to your telegram channel.

4. Click Add To Bag / Checkout.

5. Pay order.


Telegram members - how much is it?

100 telegram channel members - $2

500 telegram channel members - $10

1000 telegram channel members - $20