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You can order views for video on instagram in our store by this link:

Buy instagram video views


Why should buy instagram video views? 

Because video views in instagram is a springboard to your popularity, especially

at the beginning of your promotion. 

Imagine this situation: people come to your page and see that you have a large number of followers,

say 200 000, but the number of video views is quite small, say 300-400 on each video.

It will look rather strange, as if your account is of no interest to anyone.

Therefore, until you get a lot of organic views on instagram, you can just buy instagram video views.


How to increase instagram video views and attract more followers?

There are several things on the road to success.

Between the main things, сontent plays a decisive role.

Unique content will give you the best results, and if at the same time to use

professional services to promote the instagram, this will give a synergistic effect.

Having bought instagram video views, you will increase the number of views and

followers of your account in the instagram, after that the organic traffic to your

instagram account will grow as well.


What about prices?

100 instagram video views - $0.10

500 instagram video views - $0.50

1000 instagram video views - $1.00

10000 instagram video views - $10.00

50000 instagram video views - $50.00

100.000 instagram video views - $100.00


How you can place an order and get instagram video views

1) Сreate account in our store or sign in.

2) Select amount of instagram video views.

3) Select country.

4) Choose number of likes.

5) Leave a link to your video in instagram.

6) Click Add To Bag / Checkout.

7) Pay the order.


Why choose us?

We are focused on long-term cooperation with customers and therefore

we provide high quality services for instagram promotion, not only instagram video views.

Also we are always ready to help in solving any issues related to promotion in instagram - our specialists work 24/7.



1) How many IG video views can I order?

Any amount that you need, from 50 to 1000 000!


2) How long does the delivery of IG video views take?

This service work instantly, daily speed - up to 300k views.