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Buy automatic instagram likes for new posts:

buy automatic instagram likes


Automatic instagram likes - how it works

We can say that auto likes is the most popular service for promoting on instagram, and this is not surprising.

Due to the fact that likes are still an indicator of the popularity of an Instagram post,

along with the number of views and comments, many bloggers want to increase the number of likes.

Auto likes work as a subscription, that is, you will receive likes for future posts.

This service is convenient in that it saves time, you do not need to order likes for each post individually

- you will receive them automatically every time you post on Instagram.



100 likes for 5 new posts - $2

250 likes for 5 new posts - $5

500 likes for 5 new posts - $10


100 likes for 10 new posts - $4

250 likes for 10 new posts - $10

500 likes for 10 new posts - $20


100 likes for 20 new posts - $8

250 likes for 20 new posts - $20

500 likes for 20 new posts - $40



1. Is it possible to get automatic likes instagram free?

Yes, there are several ways to get auto IG likes for free.

For example - for our regular customers we can provide a bonus, a package of free likes.

Details of such a bonus can be discussed individually.


2. How to buy automatic instagram likes cheap?

Prices for instagram likes change quite often, due to the fact that the technologies based on which this service

works are changing.

Despite all the changes, we try to provide prices at a level affordable to everyone.



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