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Buy facebook ads accounts:

facebook ads accounts


Why to buy facebook ads accounts?

As you know, advertising on instagram or facebook requires advertising accounts, which unfortunately are often banned

for no reason.

Sometimes an account can be banned in a couple of days, sometimes in a week, if you're lucky.

Account bans is a serious problem, as you lose time trying to unlock the page and get a response from Facebook support.

In this case, the purchase of an advertising account or several accounts can solve this issue.


We have a large database of accounts that are suitable for use for advertising purposes.

You can buy both 1 fb ads account and many.



1) Where to buy old facebook account for ads?

We have a wide range of accounts for sale, both new and old, even ads accounts created in 2004-2005.


2) What is the price for facebook ads accounts?

Account prices can vary greatly, depending on the age of the account and other parameters.

The minimum cost may be $ 1 per account.


3) What will I get?

Options may vary depending on the package of services you have chosen.


4) How to place an order?

1. Select type of package.

2. Enter your email.

3. Add to bag / checkout.

4. Select quantity.

5. Pay order.


5) How to use facebook ads account?

We recommend using a proxy appropriate to the country of registration of the account.

Important: before using the account, upload your photos to the account.

This can help with account recovery in the event of a confirmation of a selfie.




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