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Buy instagram account with followers

Posted 19/3/2017

Buy instagram account with followers

Which way to choose? Buy instagram account with followers or promote a new one?

Let's see, which option is better.


1. Promotion of a new account.

Positive factors:

+ Safety - you will not have problems associated with the purchasing instagram


+ Select theme of instagram account - you are not limited in the choice of themes for your instagram account.

You can buy any amount of instagram followers.

The recommended rate of cheating is not more than 300-500 followers per day.

So, in 1 month you can buy without any risk about 15,000 followers.

+ The cost for instagram promotion can be lower than

buying instagram account with followers.

Negative factors:

- Instagram account promotion can take some time, depending from your targets.


2. Buy instagram accounts with followers.

Positive factors:

+ If you buy instagram account with followers you can save time.

Negative factors:

- Limited choice of themes of the instagram accounts on sale.

- Risk. After the sale of instagram account, the last owner can get access

to his account.

In this case you can lose your money, and you will not have access to new account

you just bought.

- Instagram accounts for sale can have low quality followers.


3. If you decide to buy instagram account with followers.

Instagram account with followers often bought in order to save money and time.

Just imagine, you have the option to  buy an instagram account with 10.000-100.000 followers for your project with an existing target audience.

How to buy instagram account with followers?

1) If you want to buy instagram account with followers, use guarantor or well known

marketplace, in order to minimize the risks.

2) Check the quality of instagram account before purchasing.

For example through the service:


3) Try to submit test advertising of instagram account and thereby check the response.


4. If you decide to promote instagram account.

If you want to promote new instagram account – use our instagram promotion


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