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Buy non drop youtube subscribers

Posted 23/2/2020

Buy non drop youtube subscribers:

buy youtube subscribers


In our store, you can buy subscribers for your YouTube channel with guarantees against unsubscribing.

This is a lifetime guarantee, its meaning the number of subscribers will be stable after delivery.


Price line

10 youtube subscribers - $0.50

100 youtube subscribers - $5

500 youtube subscribers - $25

1000 youtube subscribers - $50


Description of the service

Speed: 2 options - slow (50-100 subs per day) and fast (2000-5000 subs per day).

Minimum Quantity: 10 subscribers.

Maximum Quantity: 1000 000 subscribers.



1. What means non drop youtube subscribers?

The literal meaning of this concept is subscribers who do not unsubscribe.

Those who have previously used different SMM services know that in some cases some subscribers may unsubscribe.

Such situations can be in any social network, not only on YouTube.

The cause of this problem is the algorithms of social networks that are constantly updated.

At the same time, the technologies of SMM services are also constantly updated and now they work as naturally as

possible, without violating the policies of YouTube and other social networks.

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How to get views on youtube fast

Posted 19/2/2020

Youtube promotion service:

buy fast youtube views


How to get views on youtube fast

This is a very popular question that excites the minds of many YouTube bloggers, which is why we decided

to write an article on this topic.


The answer to this question contains both general recommendations and the nuances that depend on the case.

To formulate any advice you need to have the source data.

In this case, we mean:

- Time of publication of the video and its relevance.

- Subject of your video.

- Targeting your audience - country, gender, age, etc.

- The number of subscribers on your YouTube channel.

The number of views on your YouTube video.


Knowing all this data, it will be possible to competently build a strategy for promoting video on YouTube.


General recommendations

1. Stay current with news and events.

2. Learn competitor cases.

3. Announce your videos on other social networks, for example, on Instagram.

4. Use interesting headlines and informative pics on the video to attract the attention of the audience.

5. Find and occupy your niche, think how you can differ from competitors.


Niche recommendations

Further we will consider examples of several cases, among which you may find the most suitable and useful for you.


Сase number 1.

YouTube channel on the gaming theme.



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Buy 1000 youtube subscribers

Posted 12/2/2020

Buy 1000 youtube subscribers:

buy youtube subscribers


Despite the fact that 1000 subscribers seems small, for YouTube this number is very important.

1 k subscribers is the minimum amount that is needed to enable the monetization of your channel on YouTube.

We can say that reaching 1000 subscribers takes you to a new stage for the promotion of your channel.


How to buy 1000 youtube subscribers cheap

Our store shows the base prices for YouTube subscribers service.

These prices can be significantly lower, since our service has a special discount system.


You can get a lower price using promo codes. You can get the promotional code for the discount in different ways:

- leave a request for a discount in our live chat.

- write to us through the contact form.

- write to us in whatsapp.

Also, after the first order, we usually send such promotional codes by e-mail.

As for the size of discounts, it can be different from 10% to 50% or even more.


We love to make pleasant surprises and decided to publish a promotional code for a discount in this article,

when you make an order, just copy and paste it into a special field in the order basket.




With this code you will receive a price 15% lower than the standard one, and the discount is valid for any order.



1) What is the cost of 1000 youtube subscribers?

In our store you can buy 1 k youtube subscribers for $50.



get 1000 subscribers on youtube

benefits of 1000 subscribers on youtube

if you have 1000 subscribers on youtube

first 1000 subscribers youtube

gain 1000 subscribers youtube


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Buy telegram channel subscribers

Posted 11/2/2020

Buy telegram channel subscribers:

buy telegram subscribers


Perhaps the first thing people turn to when they go to the telegram channel is the number of subscribers.

The number of subscribers indicates how popular your channel is, as well as a kind of indicator of trust and authority.

Therefore, many telegram channel owners use our promotion services, in order to increase the number

of subscribers and views.


What are the advantages of this service?

- guaranteed result - you will get as many subscribers as you order,

- absolutely safe for your channel,

- fully automated service - you need to spend only 2 minutes on order,

- 24/7 support,

- discount system.


Price line:

100 telegram channel subscribers - $2

500 telegram channel subscribers - $10

1000 telegram channel subscribers - $20


How to buy telegram subscribers:

1. Go to service page:   buy telegram subscribers

2. Select quantity of subscribers.

3. Leave a link to your telegram channel.

4. Click Add To Bag / Checkout.

5. Pay the order.



1. What is the difference between telegram subscribers, telegram members and telegram followers?

These are just different names for the same thing.


2. How many subscribers can I order?

We can provide up to 150,000 subscribers for your telegram channel.

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Buy real telegram members

Posted 11/2/2020

Buy real telegram members:

buy telegram members


Telegram messenger is used by a huge number of people around the world.

At the same time, telegram has interesting and original functionality, for example, each user can create

their own channels and groups.

Many bloggers, media, and companies have long had their telegram channels.


If you also plan to create a telegram channel, or already have and want to promote it, pay attention to our service.

With this service you will get real members, these will be high-quality accounts and not just bots.

For the order, you can choose any number of telegram followers that you want, from 1000 to 150 000.



Start time: 1-6 hours.

Speed: up to 70 000 members per day.

Minimum quantity: 1000 members.

Maximum quantity: 150 000 members.


Price line:

1000 members - $20

5000 members - $100

10 000 members - $200



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Buy 100 telegram members

Posted 11/2/2020

Buy 100 telegram members:

buy telegram channel members


100 telegram members is the minimum quantity available for ordering in our store.

This is a small amount and it is quite enough to evaluate the quality of the service.

Of course, in the future you will be able to order any quantity of telegram subscribers that you need,

whether it be 1000, 50 000 subscribers or even more.


This service allows you to guaranteed increase the number of members in your channel,

it is absolutely safe as it works according to natural algorithms.

At the same time, a greater number of subscribers will increase confidence in your channel,

which will positively affect its promotion.



1. What is the price?

100 telegram members cost only $2.


2. How fast it works?

Start and delivery as a rule can take 1-4 hours.


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Buy telegram members with bitcoin

Posted 11/2/2020

Buy telegram members with bitcoin:

buy telegram channel members


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have become a popular payment method, various online services and stores

have long been offering the option of paying with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

We, in turn, also offer the opportunity to buy with bitcoin both members for telegram channels and many other services.


For our customers, we offer several payment systems to choose from:

- cryptopayments (coinpayments.net),

- paypal,

- debit and credit cards,

- ewallets.


Using the coinpayments.net, you can pay for your order with both bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.

At the same time, the base cost of our services is indicated in dollars in order to minimize price volatility.

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Buy USA youtube subscribers

Posted 9/2/2020

Buy USA youtube subscribers from $0.50:

buy youtube subscribers


If you are new to YouTube and do not yet have your audience on other social networks,

then most likely it will be difficult for you to get the first few thousand subscribers.

In order to speed up the promotion process, it will be advisable to use services such as ours.


Here you need to clarify if you want to attract viewers mainly from the USA, then you should use

a special targeted service, such as USA youtube subscribers.

This service is available to order in our store at super prices - only $0.50 for 10 subscribers.



Start time: 1-6 hours.

Speed: 50 + subs per day (natural pattern).

Minimum quantity: 5 subs.

Maximum quantity: 50 000 subs.


Price line:

10 youtube subscribers - $0.50

50 youtube subscribers - $2.50

100 youtube subscribers - $5

200 youtube subscribers - $10

300 youtube subscribers - $15

400 youtube subscribers - $20

500 youtube subscribers - $25

600 youtube subscribers - $30

700 youtube subscribers - $35

800 youtube subscribers - $40

900 youtube subscribers - $45

1000 youtube subscribers - $50


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How to increase watch time on youtube

Posted 4/2/2020

How to increase watch time on youtube

As you know, to monetize youtube channel you need to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours.

The information in this article will be useful to those who plan to monetize their channel and are wondering

how to do this.


First of all, you need to identify ways in which you can increase watch hours on youtube.

The methods can be divided into 2 directions - first is organic, and the second is buying watch time.

What are the pros and cons of these methods?


1. Organic promotion.

Often this method can be called free only conditionally.

Since you still need to spend efforts and some funds to achieve the necessary indicators.

You have the opportunity to gain watch time on youtube, but it’s hard to calculate or guess how long it will take.

That is, there is no guarantee that you will have time to get exactly 4,000 watch hours on youtube.


2. Buying watch time.

Among the advantages of this option, a guaranteed result can be noted.

You get the desired result for a certain time, so you can be calm.

Yes, this method is paid, but it is inexpensive and secondly, when you get monetized,

you will quickly pay back these costs.



It is important to note that these tools can be combined.

A simple example: you have already gained 2000 watch hours and you need to quickly gain another 2000 hours.

In this case, you can order watch time in our service and get the desired result.


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How to get 4000 watch hours on youtube

Posted 3/2/2020

How to get 4000 watch hours on youtube:

buy youtube watch hours


Today we will touch upon an important issue that often arises among beginner YouTube bloggers.

First of all, it will be interesting for those who plan to enable monetization on YouTube.


So let's take the initial data, in order to get the monetization of your YouTube channel,

you need to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in last 12 months.


How to get 4000 watch hours on youtube free

It’s quite possible to get such indicators even for free, but without guarantees.

Whether or not you achieve this depends on many factors.

Among these details, the following can be mentioned:


1) Your popularity in other social networks.

It is reasonable to assume that if you already have accounts on Instagram, Tik Tok, or other social networks,

then in this case you can simply post links to your channel and video on YouTube there.


2) The theme of your channel.

Most likely, in already popular, highly competitive topics, it will be somewhat more difficult to gain views

and subscribers.

If you engage in content in low-frequency topics, then you will have more chances to quickly gain your audience.


3) Your advertising budget.

In order to quickly gain watch time, you can use YouTube Adword views.

Using advertising for the new channel is more than appropriate.


How to get 4000 watch hours fast

The fastest and most guaranteed way is to use our service.

It is very simple explain - when buying this service you know in advance what you will receive and for how long.

Therefore you can be calm.


If we talk about speed, it is approximately 200-500 watch hours per day.

This is enough to get the number of watch time you need in a short time.


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